Bonjour Paris, France!

It's been a hectic five days in France! Each day flies by quickly and I finally have down time to update so I'm going to backtrack starting with...

Arriving in Paris:


May 18, 2015

After a 7 hour flight (with a layover in Dublin, Ireland for about 3.5 hours), Christina, Alyssa and I arrived in Paris 14 hours later. It was a longer flight than anticipated because our flight from JFK -> DUB took a longer route due to minor technical difficIulties with air traffic control. Once we arrived in Dublin, our flight to CDG, Paris boarded half an hour later than the scheduled time. When we arrived, my older cousin, Nellie had a driver pick us up to drop us off at her apartment in central Paris. The weather was partly cloudy and it was chillier than I thought it would be. It was my first time in an actual car in France because the last time I was here, I got around via a huge tour bus. My first impression of drivers in Paris: I didn't realize how closely cars drive together. It's kind of scary and pedestrians don't really have the right of way since cars will drive close to people as well. 


After settling down at my cousin's apartment, the first thing we did was snack on some baguette with Camembert cheese, prosciutto and saucisson (French salami). It was a very satisfying and delicious meal! By then it was around 5:00PM, so cousin Nellie took us for a walk around the area and we got glimpses of a bunch of stores and boutiques. I love the balcony-esque terraces that's on almost every building window, along with the plants and/or vine covered walls - it just gives that whole romantical look. It makes sense that Paris is known as the city of love. 

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